STEPSelect technology in Gdansk


Thursday, 19/01/2017 under News

During a 2 day meeting of the MOIC/Digitalis Team with their counterpart at the Gdanski Uniwersytet Medyczny (Gdansk Medical University) the participants worked on introducing STEPSelect technology in the hospital. STEPSelect is a combination of a knowledge system (MATRIX productions) and an instrument to induce consensus decision making about therapeutic choices (webbased SOJA methodology). The Team developed more than 40 different MATRIXes on different therapeutic classes, to be used at the UCK (Uniwersyteckie Centrum Kliniczne, the University Clinical Centre in Gdansk).

Pilot LMWHs

The next step will be a pilot with STEPSelect on LMWHs (Low Molecular Weight Heparin, a class of anticoagulant medications) using the MATRIX as developed in Northern Ireland. The pilot will be a joined effort of UCK (Tomas Stefaniak, Pawel Faczynski), MOIC (Frans van Andel, Michael Scott) and Digitalis (Rob Brenninkmeijer, Rob Janknegt). In February at least 20 clinicians at UCK will be trained in LMWH MATRIX. Target is to finalise, execute, evaluate and introduce the LMWH project by October 2017.

MOIC/Digitalis Team: Frans van Andel (MOIC), Rob Brenninkmeijer (Digitalis) and Rob Janknegt (Digitalis, Zuyderland Mc). Location: UCK, Gdansk Medical University, 17-18 January 2017.