STEPS: development, introduction and use in Northern Ireland


Thursday, 29/11/2007 under Publications

A number of medicine selection methods have been used worldwide for formulary purposes. In Northern Ireland, integrated medicines management is being developed, and related projects have been carried out. This paper deals with the description of the STEPS (Safe Therapeutic Economic Pharmaceutical Selection) programme. The paper outlines the development of STEPS and its application as an element of a cost-effective medicines-management process in Northern Ireland.

'Safe Therapeutic Economic Pharmaceutical Selection (STEPS): development, introduction and use in Northern Ireland', Mike Scott, Mark Timoney, Jill Mairs, Grainne Crealey, Ibrahim Al Abaddi, Rob Brenninkmeijer, Robert Janknegt & James McElnay. In: Expert Opinion on Pharmacotherapy, October 2007, Vol. 8, suppl. 1, p. 57-63