Innovation in the selection of medicines and medical devices – a first for Northern Trust


Tuesday, 07/07/2009 under Press releases

Antrim Hospital, 7 July 2009
The Northern Health and Social Care Trust (NHSCT) in collaboration with Digitalis Medicines Management Ltd, is launching STEPSelect, an online tool for the selection and procurement of medicines and medical devices in Northern Ireland.

STEPSelect (Safe Therapeutic Economic Pharmaceutical Selection) is designed to facilitate the rational selection and procurement of both medicines and medical devices.
Northern Trust Chief Executive, Ms Norma Evans, said: 'The Trust is very pleased with the use of this scheme as it will improve the quality and safety of medicine use by patients in both hospital and community in Northern Ireland.'
STEPSelect is an online, step-by-step system by which rational considerations are made using review criteria to select preferred medicines. Preferred medicines are classified exclusively on the basis of clinically relevant considerations. They are then further evaluated using a patient orientated analysis that focuses on packaging, quality of patient information, and finally supplier factors.
This analysis is essential in order to coordinate the pharmacotherapy choices made with the procurement of the preferred medicines and the utilisation of these by the prescribers.
Mr Rob Brenninkmeijer, Pharmacist with Digitalis Mm said: 'By developing the STEPSelect process with the Trust we are enabling the skills of doctors, pharmacists (both clinical and procurement) as well as other healthcare professionals and information specialists to be deployed towards a more collaborative and effective medicines management process built upon the key principles of quality and safety.'