Digitalis MM


Digitalis Medicines Management Ltd was established in 2008 as a subsidiary company of Digitalis Mx in close collaboration with the Northern Health and Social Care Trust. This partnership encompasses R&D activities related to the development of many more STEPS productions and roll out of STEPSelect in other regions in Ireland and the UK. STEPSelect is the tradename of all related web and workshop tools, reports and consultancy services that make this successful approach in medicines optimisation also work in other territories outside Northern Ireland.
Key element within STEPS is the application of matrix models for the rational and transparent selection of medicines. These matrix models are developed by Digitalis Mx b.v. in Amsterdam, a publisher of web based prescription guidelines, decision analysis, and practice support systems for more than two decades. Based on widespread user experiences in the Netherlands and in collaboration with the Northern Health and Social Care Trust and the Queens University of Belfast, a selection of their matrix models was adapted in Northern Ireland.

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