About Digitalis


Digitalis MM is part of Digitalis, a company that has been developing knowledge systems that operate at the interface of health care, pharmacotherapy, knowledge management and decision making for over 25 years.
Collaboration and communication within the chain of health care are becoming increasingly important. Digitalis focuses on the need for support in decision making in health care by developing knowledge systems. Our main focus is on streamlining pharmacotherapy and integrating it into the health care process (electronic prescriptions, pharmacotherapy consultations, management of clinician's handbooks for prescriptions, guideline development).
Since 2007, Digitalis has consisted of: : 
Digitalis Rx bv: aimed at support for clinical practice with Prescriptor, Formularia and Clinical Rules
Digitalis Mx bv: aimed at selection and decision-making using matrix models and knowledge management, such as SOJA and InforMatrix.
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