Collaboration EIP on Active and Healthy Ageing presented in London


Wednesday, 19/11/2014 under News items

On the Third Pharmacy Management National Forum the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing and Digitalis MM presented their collaborative projects on medicines management and optimisation. Prof. Michael Scott and Cathy Harrison (both NI) presented a satellite session on EIP. Rob Brenninkmeijer and Frans van Andel (both Digitalis) presented the poster ‘Pharmaceutical Clinical Effectiveness Programme: The Role of STEPSelect’ and the collaboration with Antrim Area Hospital (NI).

The session on ‘European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing and Horizon 2020’ was presented by Prof. Michael Scott (Head of Pharmacy & Medicines Management, Northern Health & Social Care Trust, Northern Ireland) and Cathy Harrison (Senior Principal Pharmaceutical Officer, Department of Health Social Services & Public Safety).
Synopsis: The European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on Active and Healthy Ageing consists of two main work streams - action groups and reference site collaboratives with the aim of adding two quality life years to our older citizens by 2020. There is a specific action group relating to prescribing and adherence as well as medicines components in the reference sites work.
This satellite will highlight the work currently being undertaken and planned for the future together with an understanding of how this links to the European Connected Health Alliance and enabling technology solutions. It will also indicate how you may get involved in this work as well as discussion about Horizon 2020 and the possibility of accessing funding being made available from 2014-2020 which for health and well-being, including medicines optimisation is of the order of €9 billion.

Third Pharmacy Management National Forum: Medicines Management to Medicines Optimisation: Are we there yet?’, 18th November 2014, London,